GoKarts hits iTunes Store 'n' Booming

GoKarts hits iTunes Store 'n' Booming

Before few days GameAnax Inc. Update it's most successful game Crazy Monster Truck - Escape, and now GameAnax released it's new Game "GoKarts". GoKarts released on 21st Dec 'n' within two days it's came to top 20 in spotlight for Racing Category Game and still moving up in different categories like racing, sports etc...

Features of the Game

  • Game have 11 realistic tracks from all over world to feel the intense driving experience!
  • You can control you Kart using more than 4 types different controls system to personalize your karting experience!
  • Game came with Two play modes like “Quick Race”, “Career Mode”!

Crazy Monster Truck - Escape is back with Natasha

Crazy Monster Truck - Escape is back with Natasha

Almost After a year, GameAnax Inc, release a update (v3.0) of Crazy Monster Truck - Escape.

When Crazy Monster Truck - Escape (CMT - II) released in last year it's was goes to very high downloads and addictive reviews. In latest update GameAnax reveal a new daredevil character "Natasha" with a supper bike and some hidden stunts. Player can unveil gorgeous character "Natasha" by Login and play game with exclusive bike. There are few more updates in the game like game systems, Power ups etc...

Doodle Tank Battle on OUYA Console

GameAnax Launch it's first console game on OUYA Console.

Few days ago GameAnax release it's first console game "Doodle Tank Battle". The game loaded with 24 Maps in 4 area like Desert, Snow, Rain Forest and City. you can also play endless mode with this for area. Free version already have desert area unlock and other you can get after full purchase.

Eliminate enemy tank and collect coins, using coins you can purchase four amazing power up like Health, Air Strike, Shield,Triple fire

Heavenly Sowrd

I don't know much about the game "Heavenly Sword", but as per IGN news Blockade Entertainment Announced Animation movie on base of the Game.

Blockade Entertainment confirms they are adopting plot for a animation movie "Heavenly Sword" from Sony PlayStation Game "Heavenly Sword" and gonna to release  on mid or late 2014 in 2015 (as gamesradar news).

Heavenly Sword is popular Sony game. Studio gonna to make a CG animated film. In fact, Heavenly Sword help the company pave the way to make the 2015 Ratchet film. A day ago they release it's first extended look of the movie, stars Anna Torv (voice for Nariko), Thomas Jane (voice for Loki), Alfred Molina (voice for Bohan )

Configure iOS GameCenter for iOS 7 and Unity3D using Prime31

How to Configure iOS GameCenter (GC) for iOS 7 and Unity3D using Prime31


Since iOS 7 I no longer get the prompt from Game Center (GC) to ask me to log in sandbox mode when I open my application. I searched for a while and never saw any known issues about this and there are no patch notes that says anything about sandbox mode changing. Has anyone encountered this problem?

Work Around

This issue appears to happen in sandbox only.
Got this problem too, and here what we've find/figured out:
shows prompt for login only a few times (3-5), if all prompts were canceled - GC becomes disabled for this app. once its disabled for the app user can't enable GC for the app for setting.  so we have to just reset all setting of the device  through out, reseting Settings will reset WiFi Setting, iTune Accounts association.


Step 1: Go to setting of Device and find GC and logout from GC if logged in
Step 2: Go to General - Find to Reset Option and choose Reset All Settings, Confirm it and wait till it restarted.
Step 3: if Updating first remove "GameCenter" folder from "Editor" and "Plugins" folder
Step 4: Imports GC latest package from prime[31]
Step 5: Update prime[31] tools from Prime[31] menu in unity (it will update few dlls in Editor and plugin folder)
Step 6: Delete Current XCode Build of game.
Step 7: Go to Build Settings and "Build" the game (not "Build and Run") it will run all pre-processors for GC settings
Step 8: Now go to device and sign out from GC (for iOS 5.x and 6.x GC App, for iOS 7 Settings==> (GC))
Step 9: Run your App and now you can test it...

If you are just updating your prime[31] plugin for gamecenter just start from step. For just update plugin version you have to remove all files from old plugin and build to fresh XCode from Unity using "Build Butoon" (not "Build and Run")

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Color Contagious - An Addictive Puzzle Game for Color Lover [Android]

Our Game studio "GameAnax" launched it's one of the addictive game "Color Contagious" on Google Play store Android Phone Tablet using android Gingerbread v2.3.3 and over. Color Contagious is an addictive puzzle game, simplicity makes it fun to play and it’s a great stress buster.

Battlefield Map and Missions

Finally DICE has released Map 'n' game mode of Battlefield 4, including multiplayer game mode and full map list. Battlefield 4 will launch with 7 game mode like...

  1. Conquest 
  2. Obliteration 
  3. Defuse
  4. Rush
  5. and more 3 

Conquest is a capture the flag mode offering vehicle warfare and infantry combat across land, sea and air. Domination shares many of Conquest’s elements but capturing flags is quicker and it’s infantry-only.
Obliteration is a new mode in which players are tasked with securing a bomb, planting it in an enemy territory and then detonating it.
Defuse, is a close quarters combat game type designed for five on five player battles. Players are given just one life per round and can only be revived once each round, with victory attained by eliminating the enemy squad or arming and detonating a military objective. Team deathmatch is self explanatory
Rush sees the attacking team attempting to arm and destroy six MCOM stations and defending teams bidding to stop them, with both sides given a limited number of respawns.

Battlefield 4’s game modes will be playable across near about ten dynamic maps:

  1. Siege of Shanghai
  2. Paracel Storm
  3. Zavod 311
  4. Lancang Dam
  5. Flood Zone
  6. Rogue Transmission
  7. Hainan Resort
  8. Dawnbreaker
  9. Operation Locker
  10. Golmud Railway.
As Rumors kicking off on October 1, a Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta will offer players an early taste of the game's Siege of Shanghai map in Conquest and Domination modes.

Please Check out the offical Battlefield blog for more details on the game’s multiplayer modes and maps, including supported player counts and which games support Commander mode. Also check out the title’s impressive new multiplayer trailer.

As now per rumors Battlefield 4 will release dates are
Oct. 29 in North America and Oct. 31 in Europe for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.
Nov. 12 in North America it will hit PS4.
Nov. 19 in North America Xbox One on
Nov. 22 in Europe for Xbox One
Nov. 29 in Europe for PS4.

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Call of Duty Strike Team hits on iTunes Store

$7 first- and third-person entry in the shooter series released for iOS devices; set in year 2020; no word on release for Android or Windows devices.

As Reported by IGN and Gamespot, Actvision has released it's Call of Duty : Strike Team for iOS in $6.99 / £4.99. It's another mobile based Call of Duty game after Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. Call of Duty: Strike Team hits today on iTunes Store, but there are not announcement from Actvision for Android and Windows Phone 8 base device.

USB Powered Pellet Gun

It's an awesome gadgets to fire plastic ball; it's really funny. It's usb powered and you can control it from your desktop / laptop.

With this USB-powered desktop sniper rifle you'll never miss another deadline again because of idle chit-chat and other distractions from your co-workers. Ideal for cubicle-type setups where you're protected on three sides, this tiny gun fires plastic BBs perfect for annoying, harassing, or intimidating your office neighbors.

Wii U Player will get few more games in the year

More-than 15 upcoming Wii U titles in 2013 and beyond

Nintendo's newest console is suffering from a lack of quality games to play, just like every new console ever released ever. But don't worry--there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A big, bright, beautiful light, wearing... a Mario hat. And jumping. And it's Mario. And he's bringing you games. Starring Mario.