Battlefield Map and Missions

Finally DICE has released Map 'n' game mode of Battlefield 4, including multiplayer game mode and full map list. Battlefield 4 will launch with 7 game mode like...

  1. Conquest 
  2. Obliteration 
  3. Defuse
  4. Rush
  5. and more 3 

Conquest is a capture the flag mode offering vehicle warfare and infantry combat across land, sea and air. Domination shares many of Conquest’s elements but capturing flags is quicker and it’s infantry-only.
Obliteration is a new mode in which players are tasked with securing a bomb, planting it in an enemy territory and then detonating it.
Defuse, is a close quarters combat game type designed for five on five player battles. Players are given just one life per round and can only be revived once each round, with victory attained by eliminating the enemy squad or arming and detonating a military objective. Team deathmatch is self explanatory
Rush sees the attacking team attempting to arm and destroy six MCOM stations and defending teams bidding to stop them, with both sides given a limited number of respawns.

Battlefield 4’s game modes will be playable across near about ten dynamic maps:

  1. Siege of Shanghai
  2. Paracel Storm
  3. Zavod 311
  4. Lancang Dam
  5. Flood Zone
  6. Rogue Transmission
  7. Hainan Resort
  8. Dawnbreaker
  9. Operation Locker
  10. Golmud Railway.
As Rumors kicking off on October 1, a Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta will offer players an early taste of the game's Siege of Shanghai map in Conquest and Domination modes.

Please Check out the offical Battlefield blog for more details on the game’s multiplayer modes and maps, including supported player counts and which games support Commander mode. Also check out the title’s impressive new multiplayer trailer.

As now per rumors Battlefield 4 will release dates are
Oct. 29 in North America and Oct. 31 in Europe for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.
Nov. 12 in North America it will hit PS4.
Nov. 19 in North America Xbox One on
Nov. 22 in Europe for Xbox One
Nov. 29 in Europe for PS4.

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