Heavenly Sowrd

I don't know much about the game "Heavenly Sword", but as per IGN news Blockade Entertainment Announced Animation movie on base of the Game.

Blockade Entertainment confirms they are adopting plot for a animation movie "Heavenly Sword" from Sony PlayStation Game "Heavenly Sword" and gonna to release  on mid or late 2014 in 2015 (as gamesradar news).

Heavenly Sword is popular Sony game. Studio gonna to make a CG animated film. In fact, Heavenly Sword help the company pave the way to make the 2015 Ratchet film. A day ago they release it's first extended look of the movie, stars Anna Torv (voice for Nariko), Thomas Jane (voice for Loki), Alfred Molina (voice for Bohan )

Graphics and animation sequence looks better then actual game screenshot quality and animation sequence.

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