Crazy Monster Truck - Escape is back with Natasha

Crazy Monster Truck - Escape is back with Natasha

Almost After a year, GameAnax Inc, release a update (v3.0) of Crazy Monster Truck - Escape.

When Crazy Monster Truck - Escape (CMT - II) released in last year it's was goes to very high downloads and addictive reviews. In latest update GameAnax reveal a new daredevil character "Natasha" with a supper bike and some hidden stunts. Player can unveil gorgeous character "Natasha" by Login and play game with exclusive bike. There are few more updates in the game like game systems, Power ups etc...

What's new in Version 3.0...?

  1. Gorgeous and stunning Character "Natasha"
  2. New Coin Collection System
  3. Crazy Power-ups like Coin Magnet and 2X (break obstacles and get random powers)
  4. New in-app system by virtual currency (Now player doesn't require to buy level by spending money, they can collect coins and unlock levels and trucks)

Some thing about Crazy Monster Truck - Escape

The game is all about thrilling escape that’s full of hasty pace and adrenaline pumping thrills. After the great theft, you face the ultimate challenge to escape the pursuit where cops chase you like hungry beasts.

In Control system this time GameAnax has copied some well know endless games like Subway surfer, Temple Run etc... and give gesture based control system instead-off accelerometer based which are GameAnax gave in last version v2.3, but it's still so smooth to get uninterrupted controlling to your Monster Truck.

Your truck health reduces as you dash into cars and obstacles. Multiple powers help you save your monster truck from roadblocks and other surprises. This virtually endless game can amaze you with unique challenges and different 5 environments. You must save yourself from getting busted by avoiding the Cars / trucks / train / choppers. Cops are constantly taking every opportunity to grab and put you behind the bars!

The exciting new models of monster trucks just got wilder with new powers! High quality graphics and stunning music gives you the unique experience.

These Monster Trucks are crazy, can you drive them through?


  1. Change Lane - Gesture base Left / Right swipe
  2. Jump - Gesture base  Up swipe
  3. Regular Power Ups: Touch Button on Left side of Screen.

  1. Addictive GamePlay
  2. New Virtual In-App Store which save players money
  3. New Stunning Character "Natasha"
  4. 2 New powers Super Magnet 'n' 2X
  5. New Refine UI Layout for gameplay
  • Not support older device like iPhone 4 and older, iPad 2 and older.
  • Require GameAnax Account or Facebook Account to play as "Natasha"

The game available on iTunes App Store for iPhone 4S+, iPad Mini 'n' iPad 3+

Crazy Monster Truck - Escape URL: iTunes
YouTube Channel: GameAnax

Official Video:

Real Game Play Video from last versions...

Creative Images by GameAnax.